Patrick Quarm. *Ghanaian Born US based Artist.  B. 1987.

Born and raised in Ghana and currently living in the United States, Patrick has explored the confrontation upon his identity living in a new culture and environment. This inquiry has led him down the path of self-discovery through the interwoven history of his home country Ghana and the contemporary American society. This history includes the colonial past, post-colonial identity and the contemporary collision of cultures that exist in the present American space, its impact on him first and generally on many persons alike. Patrick regards this as a hybrid identity. Thus, one that merges histories and experiences and evolves a unique third personality or character.  

For Patrick, this experience creates an opportunity to merge cultures, acculturate ideas and create a cultural dialogue; a hybrid culture. Through creating this dialogue with his works, Patrick identifies the hybrid as a subtle identity that is usually unnoticed yet resonates as a cultural reformation that lends itself to transculturalism, universalism and cultural conflicts. Patrick employs a juxtaposition of the traditional Western style of painting with African print fabrics as a metaphor to engage the dialogue of cultural hybrid and to compose an imagery that references the merging point of both cultures.

Education/ Prizes /Awards / Professional Experience

2015/16            Teaching Assistant, Fine Art – Texas Tech University. USA
2015/16            Helen Devitt Jones Talent Based Scholarship. Texas Tech University Texas. USA.
2015 –              Graduate Student (Painting) at Texas Tech University. USA.
2012/13             Teaching Assistant. College of Art, KNUST. Ghana.
2008/12           Student at College of Art, KNUST. Ghana.
2010                  Illustrator and a storyboard artist – MMRS Ogilvy (Internship, Accra Ghana)
                           Rolls Communications (Accra, Ghana)

Group Exhibitions

2015/16           Landmark Gallery, Texas Teach. USA.

2012                 End of year Show, KNUST Museum, Kumasi, Ghana
2011                  Illumination, K.N.U.S.T Museum, Kumasi, Ghana

2009/2011/2013 Art, Trade and Technology Fair 


Private Collections.

 (All Photos Courtesy Artist)