“Arising African Perspectives” – LKB Gallery’s Debut Exhibition

A new art space, LKB gallery, opened in Hamburg-Germany over the weekend with an impressive group show themed ‘Arising African Perspectives’. Featuring three innovative artists from the South Africa and Ghana, the gallery has taken the stride to build a trajectory with contemporary art from the global south – Africa and Southern America. Arising African Perspectives shows the works of Io Makandal, Vusi Beauchamp and Gideon Appah. Art lovers and patrons in Hamburg and beyond have a rare opportunity to experience and engage with the works of the three young contemporary artists.

The practice of the three artists featuring in this show require attention, and indeed they are part of a new rising breed of daring Africans using their artworks to respond to the varying socio-political issues in South Africa and Ghana respectively. Io Makandal employs different mediums and approaches in engaging with space, nature and art. The element of freedom is one she seizes in her experiments with colour and material in ways that has no limitations or inhibitions in probing humane relations with the natural urban landscape.

From Left to Right: Works by Gideon Appah, Vusi Beauchamp and Io Makandal  

Vusi Beauchamp’s unique projects of using spray cans and silkscreens in depicting figures and the environments for social-political critique is enthralling while visually engaging. Gideon Appah likewise showcases his Scrawl Paintings inspired from palimpsest-like lottery boards in urban Ghana. He presents other installations particularly made for this exhibition. These artists share a sense of nationalist responsibility as they use their artworks to create conversations around issues of major concern to them. Beyond their works being captivating, their works hold vital issues from their various societies worth discourse. The Exhibition runs until 27th May at the all new LKB Gallery in Hamburg.

Mike Sarkodie for Trove54 – mike@trove54.org
Pictures Courtesy LKB/G Social Pages